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A fully responsive Magento eCommerce build with a number of bespoke components.

This site was a collaboration with the in house design team at 2tall and revised over a series of in browser iterations to produce to the high quality feel across devices.

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We have over six years experience in making great ideas a reality!

Your Idea Is Not a Business
It is a great idea. Otherwise you wouldn't be spending your time and energy looking at this pitch. There are a great deal of things to think about when setting up a new business, from financing through marketing. Neither of those things are subjects we specialise in. What we can do is help you take your idea and look at it objectively through our dynamic and highly evolved pen and paper business development system.

The initial consultation will give you the opportunity to pitch your idea at us, the architypal disinterested consumer. You have already paid for the session so we won't hold back in telling you why it won't work. Once we remove everything from your idea that won't work, what you are left with is your business. At this stage we will be able to focus on the various obsticals of product development. Whether your offering is an object or a service, we will help you leap beyond the unstructured 'super idea', and begin the process of distilling it's strengths into a viable 'succesful business'.

You don't need a developer
You do need some advice. With so many website creation tools out there it's tempting to go it alone and actually not that difficult. Whether the decision to build and manage your own site is financial, pragmatic, or simply the same stubborn minded 'I can do that' that got you into business in the first place, a short consultancy with an expert is guaranteed to save you tons of time and leave you with a better finished product.

A typical session will give you the chance to present your business, and share your thoughts on how you plan to use your website to grow your customer base. It will take you through the process of choosing the correct technology for your needs and will give you the opportunity to ask questions about specific ideas you might have. A single two hour session will give you everything you need to get a content managed website onto the internet and equip you with the basic skills needed to approach it's maintainance and development in the same way you would a small allotment. A more advanced session could take you through the specific techniques required to implement whatever crazy idea you think will make your product shine

It might help though!
You already have a business or a well developed concept for one. You're confident it will be a success and are prepared to spend some money making it so. You know your business area and your strengths. Building websites is some elses and you want to work with an established developer who can help present your product in the best possible light.

A website will mean different things to different companies. For a bricks and morter shop it will be a place to engage with your customer base, to inform them about new products and offers, generating footfall to your premises. It might form a secondary or even primary sales channel, with the store just a flagship to get your brand out there. For a service based business it will be a useful point of reference for happy customers to share with their friends and collegues. We have the skills and experience to get your brand out there.